A philosophical question-“Does God Have Penis?”

Today is the world of interesting fact. All we know that people want something new and interesting topic to talk about. That’s why every individual is thinking about the illogical and philosophical question in their mind. The concept is about regarding that how people are giving time to think about philosophical questions. There are so many sites dedicated to the philosophical question: -“Does God Have Penis?” which are responsible for clearing the issues which are running on every individual’s mind.

We all know that God formed man, but somehow it is true saying that God is assumed to physical, spiritual being. God is always a concern with the different religions. There are so many doubts available on every individual mind that God has a physical body, same as a human.

God, the name given by us, is a reality or not, a major confusion in our mind. But it clearly shows that it is not male or female, good or bad, right or wrong. Generally, doubts may occur, but due to our philosophical mind, it touches our factuality aspects.

Somehow, in schools, we have generally studied and sometimes it usually be taught that God is a male and god has a penis.

Is God genderless?

Hence, we are thinking and searching on an interesting aspect that God is male or female, or it is genderless. This stuff may occur many questions as there are many sites dedicated to the philosophical question: -“Does God Have Penis?” which shows a useless question. Here is no denying the fact that everything in creation comes from the female. Some are the points which will show that what the fact behind it is:-

  • Creation: There is a true fact that God has created a human being as all we know that what is good and why we have such religious to god. Do creations refer from what God gives us? but somehow there are so many people who didn’t give much priority to god
  • Truth: believers may believe in god, but somehow the question opts in mind that is god have to gender? If we believe the truth is always alive but if we are non-believer then questions and doubt must occur.
  • Nature: Nature is a perfect example of beliefs in god because nature gives us the very beautiful thing in the manner of a human being and heaven.
  • Existence: Like all human being thinks that where God is available or where we can see god? But the fact is that God has no physical appearance as it is genderless.
  • Meaning of life: Life gives us many lessons about what will happen in the next stage. Means to say that God made us and gives us such a beautiful life that can help to show the fact about we always provide god priority surely, and hence god plays an important role in our life.


Hence, the story of life says that people are much religious to god and they never consider that god has the physical appearance or not. I can’t imagine being gender-less though, for me that is misery, on top that can’t enjoy the moments with my sex toys.