I've been dreaming of white kitchen cabinets for over a decade! There's just something about that light, bright space that I love. So many people used to ask me why I never painted the cabinets in our old house. My answer always was, I literally can't. Not only were they fiberboard, but the fronts of them were actually a sticker. One big faux wood sticker on the front of every cabinet door. The reason I know this is because some of them started peeling off after a while. So I waited, hoping that our next home would have a real wood (or close enough) product that could be painted.  {READ MORE}



It's hard to believe 2017 is almost over! This time last year, I was gearing up for one of the biggest painting projects of my life! I knew right after the holidays, I'd be digging into our kitchen. And even thought it's a tiny kitchen, all those cabinets PLUS a full pantry was really daunting. But not daunting enough to live with such a dark kitchen for the next 20 plus years!  {READ MORE}

Dining RoomA.jpg


I'm continuing this fun Before & After series in order of when things were done over the last year. Exactly one week after we moved into our home, we dug in and painted both the living room and dining room at the same time. If you missed our living room makeover, you can find that {HERE}. Anyway, we wanted two finished spaces where we could do our "living" without looking around at all the work that needed to be done. So we did a two-fer job!  {READ MORE}



Do you love a good Before & After? I'm obsessed with them! It's sure fire clickbait for me if I'm scrolling through anything online and see a "before" teaser. Through the last year, we've finished repainting our entire main floor, and since I didn't share it with you in real time, I'll be sharing our finished rooms in the order we got them done.  {READ MORE}